When shopping for a baby goes bad

A lesbian mother and her girlfriend got a big surprise when her designer baby was not quite what they picked out.

Unfortunately for these two racists, their little bundle of black rendered them joyless.

Yes, they got a black baby. And after two year of “kicking the tires,” one of the Moms decided to sue the sperm bank for wrongful birth and breach of warranty.

According to their lawsuit, Jennifer’s family is a bunch of racists, who are “all white and unconsciously insensitive family.” So her family is “unconsciously insensitive,” so I guess Jennifer feels their disgust? Good to know her family accepts GAYS, just not blacks?

Jennifer’s lawsuit goes on to say essentially that she can’t help but be a racist since she was raised racists.  Jennifer “acknowledges her limited cultural competency relative to African-Americans and steep learning curve.”  Jennifer doesn’t know how to be black, so how could she possibly have a black child. What would the child become. God forbid Jennifer have to raise a SON, because she has never been a MAN!

Jennifer goes on to say that she is distressed that she has to go to the black part of town because she doesn’t know how to fix her little black girl’s hair.

Jennifer is from a small town that is filled with racists and homophobes, and they might impact her child’s well-being. Hmm…

Look, all this could have been avoided if they had just given her a WHITE BABY!


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