When Darren Wilson is found innocent

There is a question the political correct bourgeois white Liberals are afraid to ask, and that is what if Michael Brown’s action indeed caused his death?

That would mean that Sgt Darren Wilson was innocent, right?

With all the hoopla over the death of Michael Brown, you have to wonder if Liberals would undo their spiking of the football in their jump to injustice.

There are plenty of people in the St. Louis area waiting the outcome of the grand jury decision. Most of them don’t really care about the outcome, as they plan to raise hell regardless. Ignorant stooges who will riot and loot no matter what.

If (when) Wilson is declared innocent, they will shout, “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!”

If Wilson is found guilty, they will shout, “TIME FOR PAYBACK…NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!”

These race-hustlers should admit that they are what they are, and that justiceĀ is not what they are about. They only care about what Michael Brown can mean in their bank accounts, and at the expense of anybody who gets in the way of that “paycheck.”

So what black businesses are destroyed; the thug rationale is someĀ blacks are part of the problem. OR better yet, those blacks will understand why shit-for-brains black hoodlums had to loot! Those blacks will be down for the struggle!


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