White Privilege and the Bidens

Since the Left seems to believe White Privilege happens only for white Conservatives and Republicans, I thought some of them might want to see how it can easily be applied to the Bidens.

How many people do you know who can get kicked out of the Navy Reserve for drug use and keep their job as a managing partner at an investment company?

I don’t know how it works with Liberal White Privilege, but most Conservatives wouldn’t let a crackhead manage our money.


Also, I’d like to know how a lawyer keeps his license to practice law, after being declared a bona fide drug addict.

So let’s ask ourselves why Biden the Younger decided on a career in the military at the age of 43 anyway? Can you say, “John Kerry.”

Hunter Biden was being groomed for “public service,” and the Left knows that having military on your record looks good, even when it’s only for show.

Let’s see if the media spotlights this case of OBVIOUS WHITE PRIVILEGE!



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