Accomplished black man “not black enough”

ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption hosted by  Mike Wilbon and  Tony Kornheiser did a segment about the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson is a mixed race young man, and the focus of the segment is the contention that Wilson is not ‘black enough’ for some teammates.

It was reported this schism may have contributed to explosive playmaker Percy Harvin having been traded to the New York Jets. It was also suggested that Wilson was too close to management for some of his teammates, including Harvin.


Being too close to management is tantamount to being a “House Nigger” for many Liberal blacks, though most smart people understand that having access to management is a smart move. And why shouldn’t Russell Wilson have access to management?

He may not be black enough for some of the players from the streets, but he was good enough to lead his team to a Super Bowl championship last year. He’s also ranked in the top five of quarterbacks this year, despite the team being 3-3. Wilson is what you call a franchise player; the type of player you build your team around.

Perhaps those who think Wilson not black enough would prefer to have lost the Super Bowl with a black enough quarterback? Or perhaps the racist naysayers would like to give back those Super Bowl bling rings? Or maybe those black enough players would like to reject the raises they can now get, because they are now Super Bowl winners, because the not black enough quarterback raised the paychecks for everybody on the team.

ESPN’s Wilbon, who happens to be the black sportscaster of the aforementioned duo suggested fellow teammate Richard Sherman, whose loud controversial rant after winning the Super Bowl made him appear to be ignorant despite his Ivy League degree, go and hug Russell Wilson to lend Wilson some street cred. Since when is street cred required to be (1) genuinely black, (2) anything but a thug?

Interestingly enough, the very same issue that many Liberal blacks like Wilbon levy against competent “not black enough” people are not levied against Barack Obama.

Wilson accomplished greatness in his field at a young age, and has what appears to be a promising career. He has done what many quarterbacks never did, including greats like Fran Tarkenton and Dan Marino, to name two. On the other hand, Barack Obama has been a bona fide disaster in just about every way. Yet no black Liberal dare say that Obama is not black enough.

The double standard of Liberalism must be difficult to manage. To have to look oneself in the mirror daily knowing that you are a sellout.

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