Aaron Weiss: Vet/Law Enforcement Officer Gives Best 2nd Amendment Speech

Rarely does one hear as impassioned and lucid a case for the Second Amendment as this 3 minute speech by Aaron Weiss.

Speaking at a Safe Act legislative hearing in Dutchess County, New York, Weiss, a combat Veteran of Iraq and a Law Enforcement Officer, unleashes one of the finest verbal defenses for the Second Amendment I have ever heard.

Watch and be prepared  for a visceral reaction to the fervid words of a man whose life bears witness to the importance of the Bill of Rights.


Weiss has earned the right to be heard. His actions and life demand our honor and gratitude.

Aaron Weiss ably upholds the honorable reputation of the finest fighting force in the history of the world.  Let’s not let his, and all of our Vets’, sacrifices be in vain.

At every occasion we must defend the Second Amendment, and in so-doing, we safeguard all of our other constitutionally guaranteed rights.


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