Biden for lame-duck president

We have to grow up and admit that Biden might actually be a better lameduck president than Barack Obama.

For six years Obama has had the threat of Joe Biden to thwart impeachment; but the time has come for America to “man up!”

Biden is an idiot. However, by now I think most of us realize there is only a frog’s hair difference between the two morons. So the timing is perfect to throw the black baby out with the bath water.


I think most of America is tired of Obama’s dictatorial style with the presidency. The man constantly threatens us, the latest threat being the naturalizing of 4-5 million illegals, mainly Mexicans. As Bob Livingston wrote:

The Constitution grants the president no authority for such an action. Article II grants the president only the power to execute laws, not write or change them on his whim simply because he cannot get Congress to bow to his will.

The Constitution, in Article I, vests all lawmaking power in Congress, and Congress alone. An executive order by President Barack Obama granting amnesty would be just one more criminal act to add to the long list of impeachable offenses committed by the country’s criminal in chief — a list I outlined in “The Case For Obama’s Impeachment.”

Obama’s executive amnesty order, combined with his open invitation to Hispanics earlier this year to invade the Southern border, are/were designed to add hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of leftist/socialist-minded voters to the voter lists and ensure Democrat domination of the electoral process for years to come. It is also a sop to his union backers who are looking to add to their failing union membership rolls.

Like the lies on ObamaCare, Obama now wants us to believe that (1) most Americans care about amnesty for illegals, and (2) allowing 4-5 million illegals to suck off our economy will be better for us.

Millions more people looking for jobs, contributing little to the economic growth of our economy. Obama continues to “Gruber” America on unemployment figures, as he knows his numbers are fraudulent. So all Obama will effectively do is add 4-5 million people on to the welfare rolls.

Obama should have been IMPEACHED for many reasons by now. But if he issues an EO for amnesty, Congress should immediately vote for articles of impeachment. Congress should be far past worrying about what the Gruber public thinks about Obama. The public knows a cancer when it sees a cancer. It’s time America rid itself of the cancer in the White House.

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