Black Democrat leaders are race pimps

Most people are focused on Ferguson, but for the wrong thing.

Instead of dissecting the death of a thug, they should be looking at the race pimps!

The race pimps are the people who created the thugs roaming the streets of Ferguson; people like Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay.


An article sent to me by a friend hightlights the career of incompetence of Congressman Lacy Clay:

There is not one Missouri African-American politician, Democrat or Republican, that doesn’t owe their foundation for political governance to Congressman Lacy Clay’s father, former Congressman Bill Clay. For the last 45 years, a member of the Clay family has been elected to represent African-American communities domiciled in the St. Louis region, by proxy of the First Congressional District of Missouri seat. While there are many individuals and small businesses who have benefited from Congressman Lacy Clay serving the First Congressional District of Missouri, the fact remains that the sum of a few good deeds has done nothing to address hundreds of thousands of United States citizens regulated to a very different America than others living just a few miles away.
If St. Louis’s African American community lived in a totalitarian society, then minorities in the United States would have to accept the status quo. Instead, every two years residents of MO Congressional District One are permitted to choose the political candidate that will provide leadership and serve as their agent to change. Based upon city population, the City of St. Louis ranks in the top fifty in the world in persons murdered, even eclipsing the Mexican City of Tijuana. Further, three school districts in African-American communities within the First Congressional District of Missouri have lost educational accreditation from the State of Missouri during Lacy Clay’s reign as Congressman, thus contributing to asinine employment rates of minority youths throughout the region.
I believe that it is fair to say that Congressman Lacy Clay was more vocal in the St. Louis community endorsing the Democratic nominee for St. Louis County Executive than addressing glaring deficiencies in the criminal justice system, failures in primary and secondary education, dismal employment rates and violent crime within the First Congressional District of Missouri. Respectfully, I believe that an Alderman and a State Senator from a neighboring jurisdiction should not have a higher profile nationally or locally on issues stemming from the Ferguson Crisis than Congressman Lacy Clay, whose First Congressional District seat encompasses the City of Ferguson. The citizens of the St. Louis region need and deserve more than hosting a job fair or social media statements regarding violent crime. Congressman Lacy Clay has had the privilege to serve with an African-American Attorney General and President of the United States of America and if the leadership desperately needed can not be garnered under the Obama administration, I have absolutely no confidence that the future for Missouri’s First Congressional District will be any brighter than it is today.
There is a “Lacy Clay” in almost every state in the country; do-nothing politicians who get elected through DNA. Decades of abuse of the public trust, enriching their lives and the lives of a few cronies, as their constituents live in war zones.
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