Some blacks are just not colored enough for NAACP

‘There are colored people, and then there are “colored” people, at least according to the NAACP.

This formerly amazing group founded by Republicans to do great things for black people is today little more than a black hate group.

And believe it or not, the people the NAACP hates the most are Conservative blacks.

Check out what former head of the NAACP discusses about the group essentially being a group that fights solely from Democrats!


The Election of 2014 was HISTORICAL, as I have documented. Tim Scott won the first state-wide race in South Carolina since Reconstruction, and lily white Utah is sending Mia Love to Congress.

You’d think a group founded by Republicans would celebrate the wins of these two “colored” people, however they did not. Instead here is what the NAACP released after The Liberal Carnage of 2014:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is committed to leading the effort alongside other civil and human rights organizations and our newly elected Congress to pass a robust Voting Rights Act Amendment.

Equal access to voting remains paramount as numerous reports of voting irregularities emerged during the midterm elections yesterday. Malfunctioning voting machines, voters turned away because of erroneous voter ID laws, missing names of registered voters and long lines were among the major challenges that the NAACP fielded along with our Election Protection partners via the 1-866-Our-Vote hotline. We assert that passage of a robust Voting Rights Act Amendment is essential for the states previously protected under section 5 as well as for all Americans for the sanctity of our republic. We urge the newly elected Congress to join us in ensuring that all registered voters in our great country have unfettered access to the ballot box.

Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP:

“This election was not about who won but the rather the citizens who lost the right to participate. This first election post the Shelby vs. Holder decision resulted in problems in every single state previously protected by the Voting Rights Act. For 49 years, these states were singled out because they had a history of discriminating against American voters. The Election Protection Hotline we manned with other concerned organizations fielded over 18,000 calls yesterday, many in those same states previously protected by the VRA. As we move forward—it is imperative that our newly elected Congress work with the NAACP and our partners to pass Voting Rights Act Amendment legislation that assures that all Americans have the franchise—our very democracy depends on it.”

Voting rights? These Negroes are downright silly. I’d love for the NAACP to explain where blacks were prevented from voting. If the NAACP wants to know who the culprit of voter suppression, I suggest they start with Barack Obama.

Not a single shout out to two history-making black folks, just more race-pimping.

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