BREAKING: Left needs more money as Grand Jury decision delayed

Al Sharpton and other race pimps have a handful of paid troublemakers in 25 cities are ready to protest the minute the Grand Jury announces its decision.

However, according to the St Louis Post-Dispatch, there will be no announcement from the St. Louis County grand jury hearing the Michael Brown shooting case this weekend, and the grand jury will reconvene Monday.

Downtown STL. Inc. sent an email to its members Saturday afternoon advising them of the situation regarding the grand jury.

Barricades went up outside the county Justice Center in Clayton on Saturday in preparation for an announcement.

Protesters have been preparing to take to the streets if Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson is not charged in the killing Aug. 9 of Brown, 18, during a confrontation in a street beside an apartment complex. Police, likewise, have been readying a response, and Gov. Jay Nixon has called in the National Guard for extra protection of some locations.


What’s funny is that Sharpton proclaimed that his people would protest either way the Grand Jury decides. This is ironic, since the protesters keep asking for the specific date.

I’m happy to hear that they Grand Jury has delayed the announcement, as this means Sharpton has to come up with more money to pay the jack-asses he hired to protest this nonsense in the first place.

The longer this drags out, the worse it looks for the Leftist race pimps who should be putting their time and resources to better use.

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