Community organizing…in schools!

Want to see how wackademia is now little more than social engineering?

When you consider the amount of money being thrown into these cesspools we call schools, it’s not wonder our children are not learning anything.

When a “community organizer,” which is truly nothing more than a race-pimping agitator has more access to your children’s school than a military man complaining about how own daughter’s curriculum, you know you are in trouble.


And that exactly what happened , when a St. Louis area race-pimp was allowed to post BS racially-charged signs at Grand Center Arts Academy in St. Louis.

Evan Smith was allowed access to schools to essentially proclaim to all passers-by that cops are dirty, and black people are being victimized by the system. The signs read:

No justice, no peace!

Black Lives Matter!

Think the school would post anything good about the police or how GREAT America is?

So the principal had this to say to the parents, as a few were scared for their children and kept them out of school:

GCAA Community,

…Some of our students have been working with Evan Smith to present some affirming messages students have conveyed to be presented as students arrived this morning.  The presence and engagement of student voice has been seen as essential to the educational process since at least the time of John Dewey, if not long before. In 1916 Dewey wrote extensively about the necessity of engaging student experience and perspectives in the curriculum of schools.  While we know that many have various views, both within our student body and our staff, it is helpful to learn from views of others.  The messages are now retired from the cafeteria windows, but the messages were meant to convey affirmations for a portion of our culture that represent troubling statistics.  We notice that a minority of our population represent a majority when it comes to school discipline referrals, school suspensions, incarcerations, and violent deaths.  Our goal was to show solidarity with those who may find themselves within this statistic.  In relation to GCAA’s Social Justice Core Value, we are firmly committed to equity and to the vision that education is central to the creation of a humane, caring, multi-cultural democracy.  GCAA believes that classrooms should be places of hope, where students and teachers can gain glimpses of the kind of society we could live in, and where students learn the academic, artistic, and critical skills needed to make that vision a reality.

Matthew L. Frederickson, PhD


Places of hope? Places of indoctrination. Failure factories!

All of the issues mentioned by Matthew Frederickson, (PhD!) are issues plaguing the black community disproportionately. And not because of “blackness,” but because of Liberal policies that have stolen the very hope Frederickson claims he wishes to convey.

Not only should those message be retired, but idiot PhDs like Frederickson should be retired as well. These morons dominate wackademia, making our lives as Conservative parents all the more difficult.

Schools are for preparing children for academic rigor, and not social experimentation.


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