Conservatives: Ready to dance in the street

For Democrats, yelling the sky is falling won’t help when Conservatives are already dancing on the clouds!

The sky has indeed fallen, and Conservatives are in the finals of So You Think You Can Dance!

Even under the protection and sometimes intimidation of the media, Obama can’t hide the warts. The panic of the Left is truly fn to watch.

We all seen at least one political ad of desperation, and I assure you, Democrats are in political triage all over the country. Racism, cop-ism, and all other isms are being thrown about like hand-grenades in the video game Medal of Honor; but the Democrats are being hit by their own Shrapnel.


The New York Times has warned that if Republicans get the Senate, it will initiate a two-year period of obstructionism that I could only described as “The Light Ages.” Because under Obama, America has been in The Dark Ages 2.0.

The fear for the NY Times is that the Republicans could repeal ObamaCare with control of the Senate. They conveniently forget that Obama has repealed 85 percent of Obama unilaterally, and believes the hated 15 percent is a success.

It seems the Times fears that ObamaCare’s failure might be exposed?

The Times is in fear of Ted Cruz who is the boldest representative of the Tea Party movement. The Left believe that another “shellacking” of Obama in the mid-terms would send a message to Washington that the Tea Party is in control of the Republicans. The Tea Party is in control of the Republicans, the Republicans just don’t know it yet.

Another fear is if the Tea Party is vindicated, brain-dead Leftists having to admit either:

(1) They lied and demonized the Tea Party erroneously, or

(2) They are racists!

Take your pick, Lefties!

The truth is, there is a third choice for Lefties, and that’s (3) all of the above!

Admit it Conservatives, you feel good! You are afraid to spike the football or dance in the streets just yet, because you know all the trickeration of the Left with voter fraud, and so on. But in your heart of hearts, you’ve got the Boogie Fever, and you know that late November 4 you will be dancing on the grave of Liberalism, at least for a short time.



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