Democrats banking on Ferguson

As I wrote in my new book Race-Pimping: the multi-trillion dollar business of Liberalism, all Liberal causes are about ONE THING: taking money from productive people and enriching Liberals.

Ferguson is a perfect example. A black teen thug was killed, and it is international news. And racist Missouri Governor Jay Nixon does with all Liberals do, and that’s throw your money at his friends.

So Nixon set up an Office of Community Engagement in wake of the “crisis.” Because we all know that in Ferguson Missouri, racial tensions and cop killings are RAMPANT!


Two officials were hired to run the office, whose charter is to look for ways to help the poor and minorities. I know, I know, America doesn’t have quite enough ways to help the poor and minorities, and especially POOR MINORITIES!

Well, finally our race-baiting Democrat president has something to show for his work, as the two officials who are part of this newly established office will both rake in six figure salaries.

The Director of the new Office of Community Engagement, Maida Coleman, is being paid $120,000 a year. Her Deputy Director. Marvin Teer makes $110,000 a year.

Maida Coleman is a Democratic state Senator and the minority floor leader. Interesting, Coleman serves on the following committees:

  • Administration
  • Agriculture, Conservation, Parks and Natural Resources
  • Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections
  • Gubernatorial Appointments
  • Ways and Means

In case you missed it, Ms. Coleman serves on the committee of GUBERNATORIAL appointments, and apparently wielded a bit of influence there. Coleman’s salary went from $31,500 to $120,000 just like that! And Marvin Teer is a St. Louis judge whom you can bet is cozy with both Jay Nixon and Maida Coleman.

According to Fox News, it’s going to cost an estimated $400,000 to run the new office though the middle of next year at which time the Democratic administration will have to ask the Republican legislature for addition funding. No one is sure what the ultimate price tag will be.

What we do know is two professional politicians worked their way into two cushy jobs, and you can bet they will do all they can to grow their “office.” What you should not expect is results.

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