The Dems have a new 2016 election strategy

Dem’s have a winning strategy for 2016…listening!

I’m curious as to how it will work, given that Democrats have the listening skills of Helen Keller. Their reptilian brains are not wired for logic and dialogue, or hearing the other side of an argument.

Liberals are programmed to sunbathe on a rock and eat a cricket when one happens to scurry by.

Nevertheless, these reptiles want to convince America that they HEAR us.

To test the new strategy, Hillary Clinton is taking  her “Ready for Hillary” campaign on a listening tour, selflessly sacrificing her income by refraining from paid speeches.  Yes, Mrs. Dead Broke is doing her listening, pro bono.

Speaking fees: $300,000. Listening fees: $0

I do like the price of Hillary keeping her mouth shut, and just listening.

Like Obama, Hillary doesn’t want to hear what works. She is a dye-in-the-wool tax and spend big government Liberal. You think Hillary will suddenly become a card carry member of the Tea Party after listening?

Hillary has a serious problem: she believes she’s relevant. Her next problem is eventually she has to quit listening, and will have to speak.

And when Hillary speaks, even Joe Biden cringes.


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