Dems advertise on Terrorist TV

It’s been reported that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz “has hundreds of attorneys on retainer in order to fight the results of Tuesday’s elections if things don’t go their way.”  The party of cheaters and scoundrels has some gall.

Google “voter fraud” and you get a litany of Democrats cheats, mostly blacks and Latinos; jail is not for bourgeois white elitist, just for minorities.

So the party of pandering who will “get out the vote” at the death of a dead teenager, wants America to believe that the Republicans are committing voter fraud?

Since when is cleaning up the voter rolls disenfranchisement? Many municipalities have more than 100 percent voter rolls. And Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is using Al Jazeera, the preferred network by 4 out of 5 Al Qaeda terrorists to get her message out, saying that voter ID laws are analogous to the Democrat-imposed Jim Crow Laws of the past. Oh the ironies!


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