Dems worried about Obama going to jail

The Democrats know that Obama has pushed his weight around about as much as any skinny Kenyan can, and soon his day of reckoning may come.

Many are worried that Obama’s posturing will land him behind the rock, and them behind the hard place.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent an email to Obama supporters, and the email suggested that unless liberals show that they are “still standing with President Obama,” he could end up where he should have been for at least two years: in prison.

The email (shown below) has the subject line, “Impeachment? Prison??? — Sign now, stand with President Obama.”


The Democrat’s official campaign arm for Congress claims that the Republicans are attempting  “to destroy the President.” From this vantage point, I’d say Obama is attempting to destroy himself, and unfortunately for the Democrats, he’s scuttling the ship, wrecking the car, plunging the plane…pick your metaphor.

Their claim, however is the Republicans want retribution for Obama’s “Constitutionally granted power to take bold steps to overhaul our nation’s broken immigration system.”

Because of the GOP “threatening lawsuits, shutdowns [and] impeachment,” and one congressman’s suggestion that “Obama be thrown in jail,” the DCCC implores Democrats to show they’re “still standing with President Obama” and “have his back.”

Given the fact that most Americans do not support Obama’s power-grab, and even members of his own party disapprove, impeachment should be on the table.

Regrettably, it’s not. Fresh out of overwhelming mid-term victories, the GOP is once again moving tepidly. Even on the issue that arguably provided their margin of success – Obamacare – leadership has stated that a vote on repeal will not even be held.

Do the Democrats really believe Obama will go to jail?  Of course not. This is but a fund-raising gimmick, and of course an attempt to test the water on Obama’s waning popularity.

The Democrats may have unwittingly unleashed a bit of karma into the universe, and I for one will be hopeful that justice gets served to Obama.


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