Don’t quit your day job

I’ve been reporting on all the stories about jobs, like How to Keep Your Job, or Don’t Screw up that Job, and so on.

Because there have been so many, it has me curious.


I remember the days when people kept a job for 30 or 40 years. A person might have only one, maybe two jobs his entire life. That was not my generation.

My generation, which by the way doesn’t have a clever name like Baby Boomers, Gen-X, Millennial, etc, was all about starting at a place to get experience, then shopping that experience somewhere else for five years or so. Rinse and repeat. We “Tweeners” valued experience and variation over staid process.

Generations subsequent to us put our program on steroids. The Gen-Xers left jobs after a year or two. They moved on, and on, and had a sense of false bravado, as everybody with a pulse was earning the big bucks during their reign. Millennials who are working seem to be the biggest slackers, that is if you don’t count the hippies of the Baby Boomers who believe they should have union “Mafioso” protections while working, then fat 100 percent of salary pensions in retirement.

Outside of that, Millennials are undoubtedly the laziest generation. But they are getting a lesson of monumental proportions, and they may usher back the period stay with your job for LIFE!

I read this

That’s because making your passion your profession isn’t about doing what you love all the time, but doing a lot of sales, marketing and promotion for what you love. It could be that you love your passion so much that you don’t mind spending a good deal of your time promoting that passion and yourself. But more likely, you don’t want to darken your unsullied passion with the slog of sales. And that’s OK.

Passions sometimes get to be passions, because they don’t have any attachments or expectations. They get to be passions, because they are free of trying to be anything else besides what they are. They don’t have to be a career or a paycheck, but simply words on a screen, film in a camera or grease on a carburetor.

In other words, Obama has created an ecosystem so bad, don’t you dare chase your dreams!

What is ya, ignant?!

Stay at that job. Don’t take risks. Settle for the paycheck.

Welcome to Obama’s America. And here I thought ObamaCare was going to allow the struggling artist to quit his job and do his will!? With 16 million new people on welfare, has Obama not cast a wide enough net?



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