The Election of 2014 “After Party”

I’m exuberant! Why? Because most Liberals I know are on SUICIDE WATCH!

And I say to the people answering the phones, take a break; just put Van Halen’s JUMP as hold music and CHILLAX!

SHELLACKING of 2010 v 2.0! The Democrats were kamikaze pilots who wore their seatbelts!


Oh to be a fly on the wall at the DNC on election night, especially since Michelle Obama gave black people permission to eat fried chicken at election watch parties. A finger licking, butt kicking!

At my “After Party” held on my radio show, I was bowed up like a Halloween cat, daring Liberals to call in. I guess Liberals were too busy licking their “whatevers” to take a tongue-lashing from me. No takers.

As the results poured in from the news channels, I actually felt sorry for Liberals. Ok, I’m just kidding, I LAUGHED at those fools! I’d rather jump barefoot off a 6-foot step ladder into a 5 gallon bucket full of porcupines than feel sorry for a LIBERAL! What is ya…ignant!?

That’s not what we do here. We lampoon idiots, my team’s only bias. We don’t like stupid. And with Liberals, stupid is as stupid votes.

Liberals were riding the gravy train on biscuit wheels! Barack “Biscuit” Obama wheels.

Republicans retained almost all governorships, picked up a few in areas people can’t believe.

Illinois!? Obama stomping ground? The People’s Republics of Massachusetts and Baltimore?! And it gets worse.

The Senate is now in the hands of the Republicans, and Boehner has even more troops in the house! And the Tea Party is STILL HERE! Bigger badder and bolder than ever.

What a repudiation of Obama’s policies, though based on his press conference, that fool has learned nothing. That is why the Dems are not finished divorcing Obama. As the old country song says,

“Get your tongue out of my mouth, so I can kiss you goodbye!”

The Left and media are delusional. They tried to convince us that the races would be tight, and the election would be a toss up. Yeah, like that last Superbowl? These people didn’t understand that Conservatives are madder than a mule chewing bumblebees!

Conservatism was vindicated in every way. That won’t stop the radical we know as Obama, but it might give the Republicans the confidence to overlook Obama’s color, and start going after him the same way they would a white treasonous president.




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