What is the end-game for Ferguson?

The world awaits the inevitability of Officer Darren Wilson’s acquittal.

Wilson will be acquitted, because he did nothing wrong. Right doesn’t matter to the Left.

Believe it or not, they WANT protests in Ferguson, and elsewhere; and they would have paid for protests, regardless of the Grand Jury outcome.

Ferguson must look like [insert Liberal cesspool big city here]. Liberals need to cause as many problems as they possibly can, because they need a BS cause.

Why not trap the people of Ferguson in their homes while paid protesters shut down highways, businesses and more?

Shouts of “No justice, no peace!” will certainly not apply to the innocent cop just doing his job.

“We don’t want to diminish tension without there being change,” said one protesting prospect.

Change what? Change the ruling? According to The Blaze:

Protesters in a Missouri city about 20 minutes outside Ferguson are planning to shut the St. Louis suburb down the first business day after the Michael Brown grand jury announcement, a local news outlet reported.

According to KTVI-TV, a meeting billed as a training session was held Thursday to prepare for the grand jury decision on whether or not to indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

Organizers said they plan to have hundreds, if not thousands, of demonstrators arrive in the city of Clayton to protest a possible decision, KTVI reported.

Smaller groups would then separate from the group and move to shut down highway exits, block traffic, and take part in other acts of civil disobedience. According to KTVI, the acts would only last for a few short period of time.

The meetings organizers, however, stressed they wanted to keep the demonstrations non-violent.

They won’t have thousands of protesters, and will lucky to have hundreds. I’m sure the powers that be are monitoring the weather to make the announcement on the worst weather day in St. Louis, and there will be plenty. The wusses won’t have the heart to stomach the cold.

Most of the protesters will not be from Ferguson, but paid employees of various Leftist groups who will be bused in. They will do what they are told, as they have no dog in the fight.

It’s a necessary step in the evolution of this “crisis.” The denizens of Ferguson will be glad when it’s over, as will be most of America. This way we can go back to black teens killing black teens, and there will be nothing to see for the Left, as there is nothing to gain.

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