EPA Czar yet another incompetent Obama chick

Winter approaches but the EPA’s message to Americans is to hell with you.

EPA Czar Gina McCarthy announced  she will do anything to further the Obama global climate farce.

The new word in America’s lexicon is GRUBER! And the White House is attempting to Gruber America on energy.

Thanks to the more stringent coal and methane standards, the yearly cost estimates according to the US Chamber of Commerce are $50 billion, and the loss of more then $550 billion in household disposable income. Further, they estimate that 220,000 jobs are impacted.

By 2030, 30 percent of the nation’s electricity will come from coal, which is 12 percent less than today. This might be fine, if we had a viable replacement, and not the crony-capitalism boondoggles that Obama tried.

McCarthy told reporters,

 I feel very confident that the American people understand the value of the EPA. . . . I’m going to go to war with [Senator Mitch McConnell] over coal.”

Bad timing, as this video suggests:


In other news, the Senate failed to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill – by one vote.  Let’s see how that goes, when the Republicans take over the Senate; a Senate that will not have Mary Landrieu.

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