The Epicenter of Racial Injustice (video)

Thanks to the lamestream media and of course brain-dead Leftists, we now know the location of epicenter of racial tension.

Move over Chicago, step back Detroit, there’s a new kid in town…and he’s a maniac named Ferguson Missouri.


In what should be a testament to blacks in America, Ferguson has become some Frankensteinesque invention of the Left.

When one thinks of the “black part of town,” it conjures up imagery of the South Side of Chicago. However here is Nowheresville, America, aka Ferguson, Missouri, a relatively peaceful town with black people who could have been the cast of Pleasantville.

I spoke with a guy the other night after my appearance on CNN, and he tried to convince me otherwise. He said that Ferguson was a very different city from where CNN had set up the cameras. He asked if I had been on the “other” side of town?

I said, “You mean the side of town where OTHER black people live?!”

The fact is Ferguson has no “black side of town”–Sorry, Joe Biden!–as Ferguson IS the black side of town. You can bet that if Ferguson had a black police chief and a black mayor, you would be hearing nothing of this shooting.

Leftist should be ASHAMED of themselves, as they are perpetuating a stereotype of black people. Ferguson is a model of what can happen when blacks are the majority in a community. But the Race-Pimping Left don’t want that message to get out.

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