Families of Ferguson Police live in fear

Ferguson recently voted their police department as the third best service they have.

This vote occurred right before the Michael Brown incident, however nothing has changed.

Since the Michael Brown fiasco, Eric Holder and the President have both encouraged the citizens in their unrest.

This encouragement has some fallout in the families of the police officers of Ferguson. One wife has received many threats, while others families have simply left Ferguson.

Amazing that the “tolerant” Left are threatening the family of other police, a police department that has had very few problems. It’s absurd for the people who truly protect and serve and their families to be threatened, particularly in Ferguson, MO.

The Left should be ashamed of themselves for this entire fiasco. I predict this will continue to backfire for the race pimps, particularly as Ferguson plays out. The election of 2014 is but one testament to the notion that America has tired of race pimps.

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