Where’s that English-speaking terrorist?

I guess saving America from Ebola has taken precedence over finding that English-speaking terrorist who cut off the head of an American. Remember?

America has been educating these terrorist bastards for decades, and the FBI wants to find out why the guy who cut the head off an American speaks perfect English?

It’s because some Liberal taught that terrorist-in-training at the time English in one of our Anti-American indoctrination centers.

The terrorist to whom I refer was last seen in a propaganda video released in September. In the video, the unidentified terrorist claims to be at the “17th division military base” just outside of the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah.

“We are here with the soldiers of Bashar [al-Assad],” he says in the video. “You can see them now digging their own graves in the very place where they were stationed. The very place where they were stationed, terrorizing the Muslims in Raqqa.”

I’d like to know the status of tracking this guy down, given that he seems to have followed Osama Bin Laden on the list of people Obama needs to kill.

Obama talks big, then does nothing. He’s use to people forgetting what he says, but thankfully we have NO trust in government run amuck.

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