Feminism: The new “F” bomb

Feminists are on the ropes, and they put themselves there.

Time’s annual poll on what words should be “banned” from overuse or misuse included the word “feminist.”

Liberal media and other Leftist groups descended on the magazine like a swarm of feminist locusts.


The editor quickly retracted the story, and apologized for its inclusion. I’m sure there is video somewhere of the editor crying.

Time didn’t create the story, they merely report the results; which for the record, the word feminist was voted as the #1 word to ban.

A new movement that is growing larger every day is “Women Against Feminism.”

Here are some excerpts from their Facebook page:

==>  Feminism is geared mostly towards middle class white women. They in no way look at the issues involving minorities or anyone but themselves, another reason why I’m not a feminist. It doesn’t represent all women.

==>  …a lot of us just don’t want to be associated with a supposed movement that has no unifying theme except for seeming both anti-man and against any woman who disagrees on the topic of what feminism means.

==>  Women and men who shun feminism often simply believe that no one requires a political label to help women succeed.

Update: Speaking of pansies, the shirt worn by the comet-guy was made by a female friend. LOL.

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