Does ObamaCare my ass look big?

Gruber told the truth, and that truth is that it’s easy to fool brain-dead Liberals, and intellectual elite, including Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court.

But he didn’t fool Conservatives.

And despite his mild attempt to walk back his “off the cuff” comments, Gruber won’t make this work. Three times Gruber has aid how stupid Liberal Americans; this constitutes a  STUMP SPEECH!

As I say to everybody, never apologize for telling the truth! The truth is…ObamaCare SUCKS!

Right about now, Obama has to be wondering if Gruber is…

  1. Partaking of DC’s new recreational marijuana law
  2. A graduate of the Clinton-Biden School for the Dumb
  3. A Liberal elitist who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut

Talk about GROWING YOUR OWN DOPE! Would somebody get Barack a HAMMER, because there’s a fly on Gruber’s head!

Gruber said what he meant, and he meant what he said, and the White House can’t walk back the comments of an academic with Gruber’s credentials.

Talk about screwing the pooch. Gruber spilled the medical device tax, and defined why the Fed would rather corporations pass on the tax to the people, and not the Fed.

This genie is too fat to get back in the bottle.


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