Harvard: So what we’re spying on students

Harvard University is the news again, exemplifying the progressive way!

Just like any other liberal school or individual, Harvard’s top dogs believe your individual rights are based on relevancy.

Harvard alumni and privacy violators President Obama, Janet Reno, and Mark Zuckerberg are perfect examples of self-important progressives who follow this ideology. So why should Harvard professors and students be shocked to learn that the school’s administration has been spying on them?

I’m shocked to learn they are shocked about Harvard overstepping privacy rights. Progressives believe in privacy…their privacy!

When faculty members at Harvard University noticed an increase in students skipping class, a study was launched and approved by university’s institutional review board .  This study involved putting video cameras in all the lecture halls, constantly recording during school hours students and sometimes the college faculty.

As with all things “progressive,” Harvard’s decision to secretly record the students was made only at the bureaucratic level. Faculty input was irrelevant.

There were supporting professors (this is Harvard, afterall) like evolutionary biology professor Gonzalo Giribet and economics professor Jerry Green. They did not see it as spying; the end result is what matters.

However, there was one educator that rebuked the illegal spying.  Computer science educator, Professor Harry Lewis said this:

Just because technology can be used to answer a question doesn’t mean that it should be. And if you watch people electronically and don’t tell them ahead of time, you should tell them afterwards.


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