Talk Turkey to Liberals over the Holidays!

The holidays are coming up soon, so it’s time to SMACK DOWN some Liberals!

We defeated the Liberal Regressives in a blowout election, and their lameduck, limp-peckered president continues to hold a gun to the head of his own party with his unchecked ego.

Talk about the perfect time to step on the neck of a Liberal! This year’s holidays will be a Conservative Spank-A-Liberal-Palooza!


Obama is undoubtedly a turkey to his own party, and it’s your job to FORCE them to admit it!

Furthermore, when you are sitting around that Thanksgiving Dinner table this year, Obama and that turkey in the middle of the table likely will NOT be the only one you can discuss.

If your family is like mine, there will be plenty of other turkeys surrounding that one, as in the turkeys who voted for the moron currently serving in the oval office.

How many of us were ostracized by family and friends, because we didn’t like Obama?

You were called racist, and many other things, as these Leftist buffoons proclaimed Obama to be the smartest man ever. George Bush was constantly thrown in your face, as the Democrats had their Messiah.

This holiday season is your chance to rub Obama in the smug faces of the “ignorant.”

I relish the thought of political discussions over Thanksgiving, then Christmas, as I taunt my ignorant Leftist kinfolk. I will remind them of Gruber’s comments that they are all too stupid to do the right thing. I will relish in the price of gasoline still being over a dollar more than when Bush was in office, and ask them how generic food tastes, since they were forced to quit shopping at regular grocery stores.

My Thanksgiving prayer will be to the fallen four of Benghazi, and all military men and women who are in harm’s way and who serve under a traitor. I will pray for the border agents killed by Fast and Furious guns, as well as the agents who protect our borders, and who are powerless due to the wannabe dictator.

I will pray for the Conservative organizations tormented by the IRS, and the reporters harassed by Eric Holder’s Department of InJustice.

I will pray for the store owners who were looted in the Ferguson fiasco.

Finally, I will pray for the American patriots who have fought against a tyrannical government, only to be called racists and terrorists.

At Christmas, I will laugh as the Left lament that they couldn’t afford to get their kids presents, because there wasn’t enough money on their EBT cards, or that their hours were cut back at the job, due to ObamaCare. Those morons will never realize the true meaning of what they call “X-mas” or attend their “holiday” parties.

The Left will get no sympathy from me.  I will forego eggnog and other drinks, and instead drink nothing but tea. I will leave wet tea bags all over, as a reminder that I was right and the Leftists in my family were gloriously wrong.

“Who’s your God now!” will be my battle cry to these Leftist morons.



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