Illegals don’t trust Obama

Why would you trust a dude who lies as much as Obama?

Though Obama is motivated to legalize millions of illegals to create Democrat voters, he is still not trusted by the people he wants to “liberate.”

Just to be clear to all illegal banditos translating this post into their mother tongue: Obama is not the guy you want to bring to a fight.

Don’t believe me; ask Iraq, Israel, the AMERICAN PEOPLE!


And that’s why many illegals will continue to hide “in the shadows,” as Obama put it in his press conference on his Executive Order to legalize the illegal, and thwart the Constitution.

One story reported on one such illegal who chooses to remain hidden:

Norma Martinez, an undocumented mother of two girls born in New Jersey after she arrived illegally from El Salvador in 2007, worries the Obama administration’s new immigration program might provide fleeting protections that a new president could easily reverse.

“I don’t want to go on living in hiding,” said Martinez, 34, adding that she would happily sign up and pay a fine to avoid deportation.

“But what happens if they take the program away, it would mean automatic deportation,” she added, saying she and her husband, also undocumented, might be better off staying out of sight until a permanent solution is reached.

What happens, Norma? You get to go back to your country of origin and not be a lawbreaker hiding in the shadows.

Right now Norma is doing what criminals do…hide in the shadow. The people wishing to immigrate legally are not hiding in the shadows, because they don’t need to. They are following the law.

Norma, et al want us to feel sorry for their illegal activity. So I should feel sorry for the thief who robs my home?

Norma is right not to trust Obama, because his legislation will not stand. It’s not just unconstitutional, it’s not fair to those playing by the rules.

Norma had no valid reason to enter America illegally, yet she wants guarantees about her status. She FLAUNTED her disdain for America’s laws, laws set up to protect American citizens, and those doing it legally.

It’s time for illegals to step up and do the right thing, as opposed to trying to get Americans to sink to their level.

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