Why hasn’t the IRS targeted Sharpton?

Sharpton didn’t waste a minute in pulling the race card to defend his tax problem.

Sharpton apparently has bought into Obama’s “spend your way out of debt,” but forgot that Obama doesn’t have to pay taxes when he raiding the treasury.

Sharpton has an estimated net worth of $5 million, with his incomes generated from his comedy show on MSNBC, and his corporate extortion non-profit organization National Action Network. The problem is that Sharpton apparently hasn’t been paying federal payroll taxes on its employees, likely to pay for that young chick he’s seen with regularly.


As reported by The New York Times,  owes $4.5 million in state and federal back taxes which includes about $3.7 million in personal taxes.

Though Sharpton states he’s paying down his debt, as he put it, he still “doesn’t know how much he owes.”

I would have to be the most inept charlatan in the world,” Sharpton said at a news conference, referring to the Times report saying he was drawing a high salary while his organization was struggling.

The irony of a man who says he doesn’t know how much he owe, but saying he’s not inept.

Good business people know their finances. They pay people to keep them informed, and these people are called accountants. And when things don’t jive, the IRS usually gives a gentle nudge.

Sharpton called the Times story “misleading and totally out of context,” but admitted that he did not know how much he owes in back taxes.

At Sharpton’s 60th birthday party, he grossed roughly $1 million that was specifically to satisfy Sharpton’s debt. That’s big pimping.

Sharpton is learning from the best pimp in America, and we now know the reason he and Barack have become so tight.

Life is good, when you don’t have to pay taxes!


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