Kenyan miracle healer exposed

Obama is the pastor of a mega-church: The Church of MORONISM

The Church of Moron began in 2004, when Barack Obama organized all the Liberal morons who were leaderless.

Moronism rose to prominence in 2008, as more and more morons converted from atheism, stupidism, Liberalism, progressivism, Marxism and communism, uniting under one banner.

The Leftist had found their new leader, and his funny name was Barack Obama.


So when I saw this story titled: Kenya ‘miracle healer’ scandal hits deep faith in churches, I couldn’t help but make the connection between America’s Kenyan ‘miracle healer.’

Ariel Zirulnick of the Christian Science Monitor wrote: 

An expose has raised a furor over a self-styled prophet’s exploitation of poor people. While such cases are not new, this latest has prompted a sharp reaction.

He is a self-styled modern-day prophet, a “miracle healer” who has attracted thousands to his Nairobi “church” with claims of being able to cure everything from childlessness to HIV/AIDS.

But last month, the investigative news program “Inside Story” here exposed Victor Kanyari, who ran the Salvation Healing Ministry, as a charlatan. The program revealed elaborate playacting by Mr. Kanyari and a group of devoted followers who helped perpetuate his claims by making false testimonies and staging “healings” in front of the congregation.

Substitute Barack Obama for Victor Kanyari in this story and it reads just are relevant.

So many ignorant Americans fell for Obama’s nonsense of “hope and change.” Those people have been called morons by Conservatives and that title was confirmed by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber.

Obama dictated a BS healthcare plan, a BS economy; putting it as mildly as I can, Obama is just full of BS. And so are the people who supported him.

Obama is as much as  miracle healer as Victor Kanyari. And Obama is a great example of what happens when people put their faith in a man.





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