What the Left HOPES will happen in Ferguson

Liberalism cost America trillions of dollars over the past decade and there is no end in sight.

When you consider how much money we spend on Liberal morons, policing them and jailing them, the figure is staggering. Think about what has been spent on Ferguson and what is yet to come!


So in another Liberal nonsense festival, the group called “Anonymous” wants an uprising over Michael Brown’s death. And they don’t just want it in Ferguson, but all over the country.

Here is Anonymous’ Action Alert:

Anonymous Operation Ferguson – ACTION ALERT


As we recently leaked, the Grand Jury decision is immanent, and they are NOT going to indict Darren Wilson. Nor is the US DOJ going to intervene.


The time has come for nationwide revolution. The time has come to coalesce all our demands into ONE: THE KILLING MUST STOP NOW!! We have two or maybe three weeks to plan and bring together a nationwide uprising the likes of which the USA has never seen.

First we call on every activist in the WORLD who has the means to make your way to Ferguson, Missouri – USA for the Grand Jury announcement. We know the hearts and minds of the local protesters there, and their leaders – and you are WELCOME you are WANTED and you will find love and support there. So if you can, GO TO FERGUSON ASAP.

To our wonderful Ferguson protesters, we call on you – as you did before, as you have always done – to support these protesters from outside your community. As part of your own preparations for the Grand Jury announcement make plans for how you can assist and support and feed everyone.

Finally, if you can’t go to Ferguson, join the effort to organize huge protests in your own community. You have just enough time before the announcement to really get organized and strategize and get the word out. Form affinity groups, discuss – reach out across your networks. If we can end police violence and militarization once for all in the USA, then Mike Brown – who may not have gotten justice, will at least not have died in vein. But do not be under any illusion, this will take a nationwide revolution. The time is now.

To our fellow hacktivists in Anonymous, we must also fight like no other time in the past. Prepare your target lists, ready your tools, meet online with your crew mates to plan your response – and together we will give them a revolution they will never forget. Let us prepare to be the air force for the brave troops on the ground. Let us show them that when justice is denied, we are perfectly capable of exacting vengeance.

For Mike Brown, for all the unarmed people wantonly slain by murderous cops – WE RISE!!

SIGNED — Anonymous

Web Site – www.OperationFerguson.cf

Anonymous? Is anybody there? Michael Brown is guilty…period. If you are going to have a cause, at least GET IT RIGHT!

But Liberals will tell you they are for tolerance, diversity, and of course the downtrodden.

If Anonymous believes in the “cause” of Michael Brown, why not ask all those bought and paid protesters to donate money to the Brown family. Oh that’s right, they are poor “kids” just trying to earn living, right?

Then why not OUT the groups buying and paying for protesters, extorting them to fund Michael Brown’s family. At least that way the Brown family won’t have to kill each other over merchandising the death of their family member?

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