Easy to spot Leftist pansies, even on a comet

Liberals are pansies…PUNKS! And leave it to a comet landing to show just how much.

Rather than focus on the technological triumph of landing a craft on a comet, some Left-wing nutsack focused on the shirt on one of the geniuses.

Wait…it gets worse.

The genius actually apologized!

Wait…it gets worse.

The Comet Genius, aka rocket scientist started CRYING!



Landing a space probe on a comet hurtling through space should be remembered as a historic achievement that humanity can be proud of. Too bad he was wearing a shirt that’s considered to be “sexist.”

Rosetta Project scientist Matt Taylor made a rather fashion faux pas by wearing a bowling shirt covered with cartoon women during the European Space Agency’s live stream of the Philae landing on Wednesday. I know…the HORROR!

I love the way one article put it:

While some may view Taylor’s shirt choice as negligence, others see it as an example of the same casual sexism that female scientists encounter on a daily basis.

And then there are some of us who view wearing a shirt as WEARING A SHIRT.

It’s ok for women to HAVE casual sex, but we just can’t wear a cartoon shirt that alludes to casual sexism? You can’t have it both ways.


On another note, while this is deemed as a wow-moment for space technology, we shake our head over the reason for landing a spacecraft on a comet. It’s main mission is to find out what happens to the comet as it get’s closer to the sun.  Seems to me that’s a very lame reason – and perhaps the scientists thought something else was on the comet?  Or attaching a device to control it?

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