Liberals celebrate Ferguson burning

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, congratulations on the Super Bowl and who gets the Nobel Peace Prize this time?

Liberals FINALLY won an election, and they ran UNOPPOSED.

The results of Ferguson Grand Jury, and the outcome has destroyed black communities all around the country, and set race and police relations back to the 1960’s. Yippee ka-yea, MOFOS!

It’s appropriate that Ferguson was accomplished on Obama’s watch. And the symbolism of Ferguson burning as Obama was saying that he had asked that protesters NOT burn the city. EPIC!

Al Sharpton, the God-sent harbinger of peace, organized peaceful groups in 20+ cities around America; and he asked them to be non-violent. Sharpton got exactly what he wanted. Here is Sharpton race-pimping at unprecedented levels:


Prior to that, Civil Rights activist turn race-pimping sellout, John Lewis compared the movement around the death of thug Michael Brown to Selma Alabama. Lewis hearkened back to the only thing he knows: the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Lewis called Ferguson the new Selma.

My history of Selma is a bit fuzzy, so maybe the hell that broke loose all over the country because of Ferguson was a stark reminder of the looting and firebombing that Martin Luther King, Jr preached about?

Yes, the Liberals have something to be thankful about. Mission accomplished. Ignorant black Liberals burned their towns all over America over the modern-day Civil Rights icon, Michael Brown, Jr.

Why shouldn’t a black man be able to walk into an establishment and take cigars?

Then when confronted by police, a black man should be able to attack the cop, and tell him he’s a pussy if he won’t pull the trigger. We black men have earned this right. After all, we are black!

Michael Brown is my kind of HERO!

Obama said to the terrorists protesters to, “Stay the course.” As Jesse Jackson, one of our marginalized “leaders” would say, “Keep hope alive!” There is still a lot of money in race-pimping.

The man who supplanted Jackson, Al Sharpton said after the verdict, “We must continue the battle.” And we must!

America is just not a safe place where black thugs can rob neighborhood stores with impugnity, beat cops, and not worry about getting shot. We have work to do…


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