Liberals love their diversity…training

Race-baiting costs money. And it’s paid in the form of “diversity training.”

If there is any country that understands how to deal with race, it’s America; at least it used to be.

The only people who need diversity training are the racist Liberals who are obsessed with it. But they put it off on Conservatives, then charge us to sit through their nonsense.

As I’ve chronicled in my new book, Race-Pimping: the multi-trillion dollar business of Liberalism, there is lots of money in stirring up race troubles.


In one of the most recent examples, a U.S. federal judge ordered a controversial Arizona sheriff  Joe Arpaio to undergo the same training as his deputies. The rationale: to prevent racial profiling and unlawful detention.

U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow criticized sheriff Joe Arpaio during a hearing in Phoenix for telling a reporter he would have no problem conducting an immigration sweep like one performed in the town of Guadalupe in 2008, which was later declared unconstitutional.

Race-Pimping Cover flipped

What Murray want to prevent is cops from doing their jobs. This is not about racial profiling. Cops don’t racially profile, they situationally profile. And whatever demographic is predominant gets profiled the most.

Eric Holder is coming down on municipalities in Missouri, because he says too many tickets are being given to black people…in towns with populations as high as 95 percent black, and who’s government is run by, you guessed it…BLACK PEOPLE!

I can tell you that if there are any ticketing shenanigans, it’s not because of color of the people, but availability of the people. If there are more blacks, as crazy as it seems to Liberals, they will get the brunt of the tickets. It works the same is “white” towns.

The judge ruled in May 2013 that “America’s Toughest Sheriff” stop cracking down on Latinos, in an area overwhelmed with Latinos. Apparently this idiot judge expects Sheriff Arpaio to stop Asians?

I hope the Sheriff does NOT go attend this nonsense “diversity” training. Diversity training is the biggest waste of money for the American taxpayer, and just another way of enriching Liberals.

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