Liberals: Working for the public bad

Isn’t our government supposed to work FOR us!? Yet Obama’s transparent government connives against us.

Obama said that elections have consequences. Let’s remind him of that.

As Clinton redefined “is,” America gets a new verb: Gruber. (v) To lie to someone intentionally because you think they are too stupid to realize or understand it.

Gruber confirmed what we Conservatives already knew about Leftists; they are idiots.


Gruber said that Obama knew ObamaCare would do exactly opposite of what is was supposed to do, so Obama CONSPIRED with him and other the push this lie on the American people.

The people who agreed with the lie are now called ignorant. The people who disagreed with the lie and tried to expose it, were called racist, xenophobic, misogynists.

ObamaCare brings higher cost, more bureaucracy, less service, worse service, fewer doctors, and fewer choices. It brings nothing it promised for the masses.

It’s safe to say that Democrats, Liberals, Progressives do NOT work for the public good.

How can you call yourself a public servant, when you are constantly scheming against the IGNORANT public!? But let’s say that we are indeed all as stupid as Obama, et al believe, isn’t it the responsibility for Obama to MAKE US SMARTER?

If the Obama administration believes people to be stupid, you’d think they would SIMPLIFY THE LEGISLATION! They did quite the opposite.

The same people who called us stupid are the very same people who claim they are educating our children. They ask for more and more money, yet our children are not smarter.

What’s happening here is Gruber exposed that the government WANTS STUPID PEOPLE! The government RELIES on that stupid people.



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