The Lies Obama didn’t divulge on immigration

We have gotten use to Obama’s lies, but they still deserve to be put on Front Street.

I’d like to point out what Obama’s unspoken lies.


Obama didn’t say how these law-breakers can legally have jobs.  Given the unemployment rate, it’s a stretch that illegals can actually get jobs to “pick our fruits and vegetables” or “clean our hotel rooms.” And if illegals don’t have work, how will they add to our economy?

Obama’s economy sucks, so the prospect of getting real work is slim to none for illegals. However, the new opportunity for illegals is America’s welfare system.

Can an illegal get welfare under Obamnesty; Section 8 housing, subsidized or free child care, food stamps, and so on? Will illegals get ObamaCare? Since most illegals are menial workers, ergo “poor,” will they get the subsidy for ObamaCare?

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One of Obama’s main points is that we won’t deport illegals under his new EO. Interesting that our biggest illegal offender, Mexico’s stated policy is to deport illegals. Are they considered “heartless?”

Will Obama say to the Mexican government, if we get any more illegals from you we will deport them, and you will foot the bill? And what if Mexicans continue to break our laws, entering the country illegally? Will Obamanesty pull funding from those countries who won’t stop the flow of illegals?

Obama gave many statistics on how many people are coming in or being deported and it’s all nonsense. So what Obama added more border patrol with this EO. What Obama didn’t say is the border patrol’s mandate by him to “look the other way.” Obama knows there are far more people coming into America than any time in the past, and it is at his invitation.

Obama gave no consideration for taxpaying Americans, who bear the full load of Obama NOT enforcing existing laws.

Before any EO should be considered, the pipeline of illegals must be stopped, and the people aiding and abetting illegals prosecuted, including the sanctuary states. Citizens should sue in a class-action lawsuit against politicians in these states, and the politicians be made to pay the damage awards personally.

For Obama, dealing with immigration is a one-sided argument; a humanitarian issue for America. Every country who illegals invade America gets funding from American taxpayers. We are humanitarian, and it’s time these countries use our funding to turn their economies around, so their people want to stay home.

Obama will send people to fight Ebola, but won’t send people to help countries run effectively. This makes total sense, as Obama can’t run his own country effectively.


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