Massachusetts town is Liberalism on steroids

It’s one thing to follow rules in public, like no smoking at a restaurant.

As a non-smoker, I prefer not to know that I’m breathing somebody else’s filtered lung air, as I’m not a fan of smoke, organic or otherwise.

However, some Liberals take things just a bit too far when it comes to curtailing the rights of others. And that’s just what the town of Westminster, MA has done:

This is the nanny state gone mad, when you are forbidden from smoking in your own home! I guess Liberals feel like you will eventually be foreclosed on anyway, so why funk up the place for a potential non-smoker.

The irony of all of this is the revenues governments get from cigarettes will have Liberals begging for smokers in less than a decade.

I personally can’t wait for some cigarette smoker to win a fat lawsuit, as Liberals allow pot smokers, but ban cigarette smoking. Talk about poetic smoker justice.


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