The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lottery

Remember when the woman sued McDonald’s and got millions for spilling hot coffee on herself?! That was a clue that we live in a world of Liberal LUNATICS!

Over 20 years ago Stella Liebeck won a $2.9 million civil judgment in New Mexico over burns she suffered at age 79 from hot coffee she bought at McDonald’s. She ultimately only got a judgment of $480,000, but she was the poster child for frivolous lawsuits.

America has only gotten worse, because at least Stella Liebeck actually burnt McDonald’s, pun intended.


More recently, a California woman tried to hit the McDonald’s lottery, but lost. Selena Edwards, 38, of Victorville faces 21 felony counts of fraud for LYING! Edwards said that she was badly scalded by McDonald’s coffee, and fabricated photos of second-degree burns on her hands.

Edwards filed the fraudulent injury claim, saying she was handed a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through with an improperly secured lid that allowed the hot liquid to spill on her hand, according to a statement by the California Department of Insurance.

Along with the bogus pictures, Edwards fabricated documentation describing treatment she obviously had not received.

Unlike Liebeck, Edwards was suing for $10,000 or what’s known as a “nuisance” suit. In a nuisance suit, the plaintiff sues for a small enough amount that the hardworking capitalist may willingly settle the nuisance. This was not the case with Edwards, because as capitalists are beginning to find out, ALL Liberals are waiting for their chances to become nuisances.

We live in a Liberal-controlled society, where Liberals are constantly looking for a quick buck. If Liberals aren’t extorting McDonald’s for higher pay, they are attempting to extort them with fraudulent claims.

Liberals own this type of behavior, and our team will always call them out on it.

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