Mexico learning about gangs from America!

Can you believe people are saying that Mexico is learning how to deal with gangs, getting lessons from the United States?

That’s like asking Barack Obama to teach you how to fight!


According to the Christian Science Monitor,

After gang violence erupted in many American cities two decades ago, Boston set a model on how to curb it. Local pastors and police worked together to reach troubled young men. Perhaps something similar can now happen in Mexico. The country is in an uproar over the killing of 43 college students in the city of Iguala, allegedly by a local drug gang in collusion with local officials.

Fortunately, Mexico already has a few models in at least three cities – Tijuana, Ciudad Juárezand Monterrey – that have recently reduced gang violence. These models deserve attention even as public outrage over the student killings is directed at President Enrique Peña Nieto for not doing enough to curb local organized crime.

Since 2006, Mexico has made remarkable progress against the once-powerful drug cartels. Drug-related homicides are down. Even more remarkable are economic reforms approved during Mr. Peña Nieto’s two years in office. But local gangs still survive, which may account for the rise in kidnappings.

This is nonsense. First, America doesn’t have a handle on gang violence, and to imply otherwise is ridiculous.

Next, America is in the midst of a BS cop versus black teen narrative, and is on the brink of Civil War Part Deux, yet we are supposedly helping Mexico?

Are the Mexicans reading the Book of Gruber as their bible?

Eric Holder and Barack Obama were shipping assault weapons to Mexico, and the Gruber Mexicans think we can HELP?! Then we wreck their economy by legalizing marijuana?


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