More racial BS in arrest stats

Government keeps racial stats for ONE reason: it’s profitable.

A study was made which compared arrests reported by local police departments to the FBI in 2011 and 2012 with data from the 2010 U.S. census — at least 1,581 police departments arrest black people at a higher rate than Ferguson, where blacks are arrested nearly three times more than people of other races.

Other races?

Here’s the kicker: the FBI does not track arrests of Hispanics. No sense comparing apples to apple, right?


With respect to the high number of arrests of blacks in Ferguson, don’t let the statistical fact of 70 percent of the residents being black skew the data.

Moving away from the hotbed of racial tension that is Ferguson MO, a town that has long been on the radar of the Department of Justice, let’s focus instead on police departments in cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and St. Louis.

The St. Louis County Police Department arrested black people (113.7 per 1,000 residents) at more than three times the rate of non-blacks (32.4), not including Mexicans.

As a report from USA Today put it:

“Those disparities are easier to measure than they are to explain…They could be a reflection of biased policing; they could just as easily be a byproduct of the vast economic and educational gaps that persist across much of the USA — factors closely tied to crime rates.”

Really? Biased policing? Let’s examine the “byproduct,” shall we?

A state run by Democrat Jay Nixon, it’s largest city run by Democrat Mayor Francis Slay, that encompasses the district of Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay, and has as Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill is saying that the cops Democrats oversee are mistreating black folks. It’s Democrats mistreating black people.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Where’s George Bush when the Democrats really need a whipping boy!

The “byproduct” mentioned is Liberalism. Democrats race pimps CREATE these scenarios. Democrats have stolen initiative and hope from blacks, under the guise of bringing “hope and change.” And as the election results of 2014 indicate, people have tired of the Democrats passing the blame.

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