Obama’s Temper Tantrum

Obama tried to act cool in his press conference. He complimented Republicans on the win, and appeared unaffected.

He was far from it.

Obama has learned to appear cool, calm, collected, even jovial; but underneath it all, he was seething.


Obama has no idea how this shellacking happened. He’s had it all. The bully pulpit, the media, vote thieves, and they pulled out all the stops.

Did you notice how he alluded to the Democrats winning when he’s on the ballot, and losing otherwise. In other words, “It’s somebody else’s fault.”

He even blamed the electorate, though he made slight reference to his inability to enthuse the voters.

What we witnessed was a “cool” temper tantrum. When Obama was asked by Fox News  if he planned on making any changes to his agenda, he smugly replied, [pp] “I need to hear the Republican ideas.”

Nonsense. The PEOPLE have spoken!

But since he asked, here are a few things Obama could consider:

  • Repeal of ObamaCare
  • No illegal immigration
  • Stop spending taxpayer money

How about those for starters?!

Did you notice how when Obama talked about his ideas, those ideas were good, and the Republicans needed to consider them. But when he spoke of Republican ideas, he said essentially that he was willing to hear their “not so good” ideas, but likely wouldn’t agree!

Obama doesn’t believe HE lost this election!

Despite all the polling data and other evidence against Obama’s policies, he still threatens to legalize millions of illegals, force ObamaCare on the public, and the man can’t say no, when it comes to spending.

Obama remains delusional, as he said that the economy is doing better than when he became president, and he has cut the deficit in half. The White House must have great drugs!

Remember how at least for ONE day after the 2010 election Obama showed some contrition? Well not anymore. He’s lameduck; actually more like wounded duck, and America can expect the most radical Obama ever.

I know it’s hard to believe that a man can get even more radical, given how drunk with power Obama has been over the past six years. But it’s about to get worse.





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