Obama’s funky used car

You ever smelled so bad, that you so “Dang!” to yourself?!

Well Obama just noticed this about himself. And since he has funked up America’s car.

That’s why Obama said recently that Americans want that “new car smell” in picking a new president. He added that America needs a car that “doesn’t have as much mileage!”

Here’s the problem. Obama is referring to Hillary Clinton being a “fresh smelling” new car with low mileage.

The man who upended Clinton’s bid to be the first female (hmm…) president, now says she’s fresh air.

Hillary is old news. She rode in the car with Obama, as they cut the cheese and played “dutch oven” with the other passengers, specifically America!

Obama is right about one thing he said:  “I suspect that folks will be ready to see me go off to the next thing.”


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