Obama sends unbooted troops to Iraq

Let’s just say what we all know. Obama is about as effective as a military commander as Bugs Bunny.

The man who promised no more “boots on the ground” has now more than doubled the boots on the ground in Iraq. So in other words, Iraq is just  little pregnant.


Further, Obama has requested another $5.6 billion to fight his continued air war on ISIS, and to cover the new troops. These would be the same as the old troops, had Obama left things as Bush had it.

You know Obama hates having to ask Congress for money! If only he could just issue EOs for this money?

The new troops will face the most well-funded, battle-ready terrorists on the planet, thanks to America’s Commander-in-Grief.

According to the White House, these troops “will not be in combat,” but rather training, advising and assisting Iraqi forces near Baghdad and Irbil.

Why more than double the troops from the 1,400 who are already there? I can only guess that we are not “Charlie Sheening?” And this on the heels of the Pentagon saying they don’t believe our partners, the Iraqis when they say they injured the ISIS commander. They say the Iraqis are not to be trusted.

That’s really funny, when you consider what the Iraqis must be thinking about Obama.

The U.S. has been launching airstrikes on Islamic State group militants and facilities in Iraq and Syria for weeks, and we have little good news to report. So Obama says we are “entering a new phase.”

A new phase of what? A new phase of “advising.”

Advisors continue to warn that the U.S. operation is insufficient. There have been calls to send troops to the western Anbar province, where extremists have been slaughtering men, women and children.

Hey, it’s not real until Obama sees it on the news. CNN? MSNBC? Oh that’s right, these journalists are hunkered semi-safely in Israel and have all the effective reporting of some farmer in Nebraska.

Where’s the $5.6 billion going?

The White House troop request comes with a $3.7 billion price tag. Of that, $3.2 billion will go to the Department of Defense while $500 million will go to the State Department. Why does the State Department need another $500 million added to its budget for this?

As for the rest of the money, the White House says the money will also go toward

“replenishing or replacing munitions expended while conducting air strikes against ISIL, including from Air force and Navy platforms…financing operations and maintenance costs for air, ground and naval operations, including: flying hours; ship steaming days; and fuel, supplies and repair parts.”

This is beginning to sound like a war! Obama’s team says this is just to spread training across Iraq, training the very same Iraqi troops that we are told put down their weapons when faced with inferior ISIS troops.


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