Obama: Where da black people at?

Gone are the throngs of black groupies willing to do anything for Barack Obama or is agenda.

Black Liberals skipped voting, and went straight to eating the fried chicken that Michelle Obama authorized.


The Democrats tried hard to get black people to the polls. Democrats warned that by not voting, black people could lose the right to vote! Some Democrats even threatened to check the voter rolls and track down those who didn’t vote. The gall!

After the election, Democrat poll watchers were wondering “where da black people at?” Here’s their answer: HOME!

Democrats are shaking in their baby-seal lined boots over their inability to get black people to the polls. They had the perfect black man, a half-black Ivy Leaguer who promised the moon; boy did he moon them!

Obama gave black people hope, because hope is free. What Obama hasn’t given black people (or anybody else) is J-O-B-S!

Black Liberals are done with hope and ready for action.

Blacks staying away from the polls in droves suggests that black Liberals were demonstrating that Democrats cannot win elections without the black community falling in line. But it suggests a bigger issue, and that is that the Democrats can no longer count on the black vote.

Do you think Obama heard the voters?

When you consider his threat to legalize millions of illegals, one might surmise that Obama is voter-deaf. 12 million new people taking jobs away from Americans, specifically black Americans who are unemployed at more than double the national average?

We need to remind black Liberals that Obama cares more about illegals, than he does Americans, specifically THEM!


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