Obamacare is Breaking Bad

Something is going up this year, and it’s not Obama’s poll numbers.

“Obamacare is BAD…jamon…jamon…jamon…and the whole world has to answer right now…Who’s BAD!”

Insurance plans in the exchange this year will look like a 5-star restaurant’s menu:  entrees with no prices.

The layman might think “the food is FREE!” Then they get the bill!

Obamacare is so free, that Obama won’t tell you HOW free, until after the election:


Middle-income consumers can expect premiums for the Bronze plan to rise anywhere from 14 percent in several major cities to 64 percent in other cities, like Seattle, prices having increased by double digits for every age group in 2014.

In other words, whatever credits people may have gotten will pale in comparison to what they pay in co-pays and deductibles.

Who’s BAD!

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