ObamaCare might just kill itself

Boehner has been trying to sue Obama for being a tyrant, but it’s been slow going.

Boehner is now considering that the House litigate the case instead.  He believes external firms are “susceptible to political pressure” from wealthy Democrat-leaning clients.

Initially Boehner didn’t want the House to litigate, due to pressure against the members. But after the butt-kicking the Democrats got in the recent election, perhaps Boehner has dusted off his naughty bits

The SCOTUS has announced it will consider the lawsuit regarding Obamacare subsidies.

The law was specifically written that the Obamacare ‘discounts’ had to come from the state for constitutional reasons.  However, Obama et al made this an incentive-threat to get states to sign up for the government controlled system.  No exchange = No subsidy.  The regular Joe had no idea of this caveat.

If the SCOTUS confirms the federal level subsidies are unconstitutional, that part of the law would be nullified.  For the states that did not create an exchange, everyone getting a subsidy now would see their insurance rate skyrocket immediately.  More than likely Obamacare and its exchange insurers would implode.

Besides the midterms, the subsidy question is probably a reason Obama delayed open enrollment, and why HHS is mandating insurance companies  to not reveal the premium costs to the consumer until he or she commits to taking the policy.

This is a big deal, and we will continue to monitor it.

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