Obama’s the Ivy League classist…

 Obama is always talking about the common man. When he’s stumping on the political campaign, he rolls up his sleeves, like he’s been mowing somebody’s lawn.

Obama is just one of the guys, right?

Obama really doesn’t like ordinary people. Ordinary people can sniff out the smell of dung, and Obama is as they say, FULL OF IT!

This is why Obama surrounds himself with pompous, good-for-nothing Ivy Leaguers.


The man who wants America to believe he cares about the little guy, doesn’t hire very many people without Ivy League degrees, as most of the his top appointments have come from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other Ivy league schools, with  preference to Harvard.

Obama has appointed over 70 people in his administration from Harvard, the most recent Harvard appointment being unconfirmed Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

Obama’s two SCOTUS affirmative action appointment we from Harvard and Yale.

In short, if you don’t have an Ivy League pedigree, you won’t work for that group of pompous bourgeois communist hacks

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