Pelosi remains leader of House morons

There is a joke where a man is given the choice of birthing a baby through his rectum once or get kicked in the naughty bits daily.

For the House Minority Leader role, there simply are no good choices. Perhaps this is why in a close-door meeting, Democrats re-elected  Nancy Pelosi to serve as minority leader.

During Pelosi’s reign, Democrats lost their majority in 2010, lost ground in 2012, and got a shellacking in the 2014 midterms, where the House is now back to Civil War era levels for Democrats!

Pelosi will likely claim that her victory is because she has been a victim of sexism.

The War on Women is being waged by eunuchs apparently.

In Pelosi’s re-coronation, she was praised for her promotion of diversity, and for working across party lines. One Democrat Congressman said  Pelosi put the “strongest team on the field.”

Only with Liberals can the incompetents retain their jobs.



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