Playing by the rules is for suckers

I have said for some time that in the new America, the sucker is the person who plays by the rules. This is worse for Americans living abroad.

In this “must read” story about how bad citizens get treated, you find a couple playing by the rules. As you read their story, as yourself what Obama and other moronic Liberals want for illegals in this country. Further, consider what happened with Marine, Sgt. Tahmooressi, serving over 200 days in a Mexican jail for little more than a traffic misunderstanding.

Next, Senator Ted Cruz is no longer a dual-citizen, and here’s why:


Here is Marilyn from Ontario’s story:

I am writing with a heavy heart as I, my husband, and our daughter are all seriously contemplating giving up our U.S. citizenship. We are doing this not to avoid paying U.S. taxes but because we strongly object to a system that is blatantly discriminatory and unfair to law-abiding Americans living outside the country. In addition, it has become too expensive, too difficult, and frankly, too frightening, to try to comply with all of the tax filing requirements that now apply to citizens living abroad.

Read the rest of this amazing story here…

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