Political Spin: Republicans fear Hillary

I don’t think any reasonable Leftist believes this hogwash.

Washington powerhouse lawyer Lanny Davis, who was special counsel to President Bill Clinton, says Republicans are incessantly talking about Hillary Clinton because they’re worried about her expected presidential run.

What a moronic statement. The Right WANTS Hillary Clinton to run. She’s an easy target, with the political finesse of a rattlesnake.

The idea that Republicans fear Hillary is the last ditch effort of the Left to make Hillary viable.

Hillary Clinton is the an empty polyester pants suit, equally as dumb as her former boss, and a lot less electable.

According to Lanny,

“They can’t take their eyes or minds or voices off Hillary Clinton. ‚Ķ It seems like they’re kind of afraid of her, wouldn’t you say?”

Why wouldn’t Republicans fear Easy Button Clinton, a woman who incompetence is exceeded only by her ego and her cankles.

Did Lanny Davis sleep through the Election (Carnage) of 2014? The only person hurt more in the outcome of the elections than Wendy Davis was Hillary Clinton.

If anybody fears Hillary, it’s Democrats. It’s impossible to get one more foot in Hillary’s enormous¬†mouth.

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