Democrats really hate the poor, and here’s the proof

Democrats say they are all about the poor. Democrats are like Mommie Dearest; publicly they act loving, but the minute they get home they burn the kids with cigarettes!

And it is because of Democrats, a 90-year old man almost went to jail for his philanthrophy.

Arnold Abbott wasn’t aware that after more than 20 years of feeding the homeless at a Fort Lauderdale beach, that humanitarian act is now considered illegal.

That is unless (1) you have the proper permits–the city has to make its money. (2) You must be far enough away from residents, so tourists do not actually get to see the problem you are addressing. Finally (3) you bring portable toilets when handing out food.

Now where did I put those Portapotties?

Sadly, there are twenty additional progressive-ruled cities across the country with laws that restrict, ban, or relocate food-sharing programs.  Ten more are thinking about it.

The police ended up citing Mr. Abbott and two clergy members after hundreds of homeless people showed up for food.

Regardless, Mr. Abbott is going to continue helping like that kid who shared his lunch with a student who had none.

It seems the liberals would rather treat the homeless like rats. Instead, it appears they want a Pied Piper.

1.  Homeless need to be trained to associate food with a government sanctioned food provider.
2.  The homeless are bound to get unruly if in a large group.
3.  Having homeless people seen in public is so tacky.

The liberal ideology of charity is that it begins and ends with the government.  All they need to do is donate money to the proper organizations and the unsavory parts of life disappear.  Direct contact is beneath them.  Naturally, the big-time donors expect to see their names published, and lavish events held in their honor.

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